Taproom Updates

Open Thanksgiving Day
9:00am till 1:00pm
Why not come down an fill a growler for the evening feast?

Open for Sunday Football
12:00 noon till ?
We currently have the following on tap:
  • Viking Cream
  • Formerly: "Cream Ale"
  • Weizen Star
  • Formerly: "Hefeweizen"
  • 8 Yard Scottish (Nitro)
  • Formerly: "Scottish Ale"
  • Legend Red
  • Formerly: "Irish Red"
  • Dry Lock IPA
  • Formerly: "IPA or House IPA"
  • Old Mill Stout 
  • Formerly: "Oatmeal Stout"
We are currently sold out of:
  • IPA
As soon as it is back on tap, we'll let you know.

Updated: 2014-10-01
Currently we are unable to fill growlers of :
  • 8 Yard Scottish
However, pints are still available in our taproom.

Our Story
Star City Brewing Company was born because of our love of beer and a desire to be a part of the amazing revitalization happening in downtown Miamisburg. We are proud to offer great-tasting brews and good times in a casual tasting room at the historic Peerless Mill Inn.

Because two of us were raised here, we have a great affection for the people and the special atmosphere of our city and are thrilled to reopen this historic landmark to the community. Opening this brewery as brothers, partners and friends is an exciting adventure that will allow us to continue to appreciate great beer, experiment with unique flavors, and connect with the people of this great city.